TjM News: August 14, 2013



Remember the good old carefree days of Saturday Morning cartoons? Living the delicious irony of not being able to drag yourself out of bed on a school day but getting up at 5:30am on a Saturday with a pitcher of milk, a box of your favourite sugary cereal, a bowl & spoon and, of course, CARTOONS!

 My schedule was pretty consistent for years: 5:30 wake up, grab the breakfast accoutrement, a blanket and the couch and watch hours and hours of my favourite animated stories. I learned about courage and heroics from The Masters of the Universe and The Super Friends. I learned about comedic timing from Bugs Bunny & Friends and sarcasm from Garfield the Cat. It was all so glorious.

I have lived my entire life with a childlike disposition and I wish I could raise my son with the same enthusiasm for Saturday morning that I had. But these days, he can get cartoons whenever he wants. As soon as he figures out how to work Netflix I’m going to have to put a TV in his room. HOWEVER, I now have a few tools in my Dadman utility belt to help make sure my boy loves cartoons the way I did. Heck, he will see them in a way different light than I did. The reason is:

I am now the voice of a cartoon character!!!

This past spring I had a role in a new animated series called Trucktown. Trucktown is based on a series of kids’ books, of the same name, by renowned children’s author Jon Scieszka. It’s about a group of young trucks who live in a town/playground called, you guessed it, Trucktown. They’re led by Jack a young flat bed truck who loves to race around and have fun. He, along with his two best friends Dan (The dump truck) and Max (a monster truck) lives a life of fun and adventure.

I play Ted, a cool, smart, laid back tow truck that likes to take his time and do things right. He also loves to nap.  Make no mistake though; Ted likes having fun with the Best of them. So far I’ve recorded 5 episodes and can’t wait to get a few more under my belt.

 More information as to where and when Trucktown will air to follow soon.

Keeping with animation news, I’ve recently worked on a few other projects that feature cartoon characters. I recorded a guest voice on a show called Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets and served as the acting coach on a live action/animated series called The Adventures of Napkin Man starring Yannick Bisson as Mr. Anthony/Napkin Man.

The Napkin Man gig also lead to my be-friending Yannick, which lead to him inviting me to audition for a role in the upcoming seventh season of CBC’s Murdoch Mysteries. My family and I have been fans of Murdoch for years now so this was a definite “tick the box role.” I’ll be appearing as Gus Smalls, a slimy degenerate in episode 5 of season seven entitled: Murdoch of the Living Dead.

ImageThis past week I also shot a guest role on the CTV/NBC series Saving Hope. (Starring Erica Durance – that’s right, I did a scene with Lois Lane.)

I play Tristan, a Lab Technician who has a chip on his shoulder when it comes to the “hot shot” doctors who work at Hope Zion Hospital. My appearance is in episode 14 of the current second season.

Finally, rehearsals for Cameron Mackintosh’s new production of Les Misérables begin next week. I’ve been looking forward to this show for quite some time now. We’ll be learning all the big group numbers for the first four days and then we’ll begin staging and learning any solo parts. As I wrote 6 months ago, performing in this show is a dream come true. I can’t wait to get started. For show times, ticket prices and other information, visit

Oh, and I get this a lot: “Let us know what nights you are on and we’ll come see it”. Friends, there are 8 performances a week and unless I’m gravely ill, I’ll be on stage that night.

The odds of me performing my understudy role (M. Thénardier) are quite remote. However, should I get the call to go on, I’ll let everyone know via my Facebook page: The link to it is at

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