Welcome 2013!

Well, it’s been 9 months since I’ve updated my blog. Terrible. A lot has happened so here’s an update on what the better part of 2012 looked like for me…


Tyler Murree and Leah Oster in “They’re Playing Our Song”

Last June I was lucky enough to play Vernon Gersch in They’re Playing Our Song at The Showboat Theatre Festival in Port Colborne, ON. After not being on stage in over a year this two person show was a real challenge. I loved every second it of.
Leah Oster played Sonia Walsk. Leah’s a beautiful actress with a voice that should be selling out Carnegie Hall. The production got rave reviews and we had a blast performing it. The only bad part of the show was that the run was a mere month. Thanks to everyone in Port Colborne for the warm hospitality.
Sadly, The Showboat Festival folded a few months after our run. After 26 years of entertaining audiences in Southern Ontario the festival’s board of directors felt continuing to run the theatre was too risky in today’s economy and they took the bold step to close the theatres doors. It was a sad day for Port Colborne, and theatre in Canada.


September 1, 2012

Last summer was pretty slow moving in this little actor’s career. On the plus side it gave me a lot of free time to play with my baby boy and his Mummy. We even took a trip out west and decided to get married on the shores of the Pacific ocean. Our wedding was a quiet elopement with a couple of friends who served as witnesses and of course our son. We surprised a lot of folks, but were glad to finally, officially be husband and wife.

In September Life With Boys began filming season 2. I was delighted to return as the show’s acting coach and my character, Mr Bennett even made a couple of appearances this season as well. The show starts airing in the United States this February. Hopefully, we’ll get green lit for a third season. We should find out soon. Fingers crossed.


With Sandy Jobin-Bevans (Jack), Nathan McLeod (Gabe), and Jake Goodman (Spencer) on the set of Life With Boys.

We wrapped up the 18 new episodes of season 2 in early December. Check your local listings for when LWB airs in your hometown. We’re seen all over the world. 🙂


The episode of Copper I shot last March aired in September. The show looks great and a lot of friends of mine are in Season 1. Season 2 begins shooting soon. Hopefully my Butcher character, Hans, returns in season 2 (though I’m not holding my breath). I’m just proud to be a part of the show.

I was lucky enough to shoot an episode of another BBC America show this past Fall. OrphanBlack will begin airing this March. I’m in about 10 seconds of episode 3. Good Times.


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