2012 so far…

Greetings all! 

2012 has been an exciting year thus far both personally and professionally. 

First and foremost, Tanya and I welcomed our son, Nicholas into the world this past January. He’s a gorgeous baby boy and he’s enriched our lives in ways we cannot begin to describe. He puts life into perspective and I love him and his amazing mother in ways that make words useless. 

Professionally speaking the year started off with lots of auditions and not much pay off. Thankfully the dry spell ended recently with a few bookings. 

I recently recorded a radio commercial for “Shaw” media and a TV commercial for “Telus“. Good Times. 


In March I shot an episode for a new BBC America show called Copper. Copper is set in the Five Points are of New York City in 1864 (about 9 months after the famous Draft Riots). In this particular episode I play a Bavarian Butcher called Hans Elek. The show will start airing this summer on BBC America and, I think, Showcase up here in Canada. More information to come as I find it out.


This June I’ll be appearing in Showboat Theatre Festival (Port Colbourne, ON)’s production of They’re Playing Our Song. The show is a two person musical about a composer (Vernon Gersch ~ played by me) and a young female lyricist who begin working together. Wouldn’t you know… they fall in love… 

It’s been just over a year and a half since I last appeared on stage and I’m looking forward to getting back at it with this show. Thom Currie, the Artistic Director at Showboat is staging the show in “the round” which will make it very fun… especially since I’m playing a pianist and I don’t play a note… You gotta love a challenge. I’m not sure who is playing the female lead. More news to follow. You can look up showtimes and ticket prices at http://www.showboattheatre.ca. I hope to see you there!!!

Staying in the world of television, I’m delighted to say that Life With Boys was picked up in the US market by Nickolodeon and will begin shooting a second season this coming fall. I am hoping to return as the show’s acting coach. Still no word yet if Mr. Bennett will return in season 2. Fingers are crossed. 

I just got word that My Babysitter’s a Vampire‘s second season has just finished the editing process. The editor and co-producer, Ellen Fine just e-mailed me this screen shot from the show. During filming of the finale episode in season 2 we found ourselves one adult background performer short. It was a classroom shot and there was no teacher to be found. I mentioned to the director, Farhad Mann, that I am a card carrying ACTRA member and he told me to report to wardrobe immediately. So, I do appear in the show for a brief second or two but there’s no dialogue or much action for me. I haven’t done background work since 2001. Here’s the screen shot. 🙂 


That's Matthew Knight in the window... He's a fantastic actor.

That’s pretty much all the news for now. 

I’m a Dad. I’m a working actor. I’m living the Dream!!!

Oh, speaking of Living the Dream… kudos to the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway. This show started last year at The Stratford Shakespeare Company and was such a hit that it went to the Great White Way via The LaJolla Playhouse in California. I have many great friends in the show who have just made their Broadway debut. Congratulations to you all. 

If you’re in Australia this year, check out Ben Mingay starring in a new musical version of An Officer and a Gentleman. The show will tour Oz and then who knows where it’ll go. Here’s a preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuNsmlrk3WY (that’s Ben singing an original song from the show). 




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